Childrens Flu Vaccination

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Flu Nasal Spray Vaccinations—Years Reception to Year 6

The above vaccination is being offered to all school aged children up to and  including Year 6s. The allocated date for the vaccination to be given to pupils attending Courtlands School is Friday 19th November.

All Parents/Carers should click/type the following link into a device to register, no later than Monday 1st November.

You need to do this if you wish for your child to have the nasal spray and also if you do not wish for them to have the nasal spray.

To complete the consent form, you will need your child’s NHS number – which can be found in your child’s red book. You will also need name,   address, date of birth and class name.

If you do not register by this date your child will not be able to receive the vaccination on the allocated date but will instead be offered to attend a local Community Centre on an alternative date. You will still need to complete the consent form online.

Should you have any issues with the above please call 0300 247 0082 which is the contact for Virgin Care Services Ltd who are administering the vaccine.