Hazel Class News

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In Hazel class we have been working on building relationships with each other by taking part in lots of team games, both in the classroom and outside on the playground. We have been learning the importance of sharing and turn taking and understanding what it means to be kind to our friends.

We use ‘waiting spots’ in class to help give us space and to help us be patient when waiting for our turn. We also use sand timers to share resources and help us take turns when using equipment. During our afternoon play sessions, we have been getting very active and keeping our bodies healthy in lots of different ways.

Sometimes the children also take it in turns to choose a game that they would like to play. We have had so much fun playing balloon badminton, parachute games and also burning off our energy in the hall. We enjoy playing basketball, rugby tag and also duck, duck, goose for a little bit of extra fun! We are so proud of all the children in Hazel team for their efforts and for being kind to one another.

Miss Benson, Mrs Burton and Mrs Kingshott