Over the years at Courtlands Special School we have developed a wealth of experience and expertise in working with primary aged children who suffer from Social Emotional and Mental Health issues and Learning Difficulties. We have learnt how to engage hard to reach pupils in learning and how to support children with ASC, ADHD and Attachment Difficulties to make and maintain positive relationships with their peers and adults in school. We use many innovative and complimentary techniques such as Sensory Integration, Playworx and Learning Outside the Classroom to support our pupils to learn how to manage their emotions and self-regulate their anxieties in order that they are ready to learn and meet their potential.

At Courtlands we believe in upskilling classroom staff to deliver bespoke provision and alter working practices rather than buying in specialists for short ‘interventions’ which only impact on one pupil at a time. Our outreach support allows school staff to feel more confident to meet the increasingly complex SEMH needs of children in our city. We deliver WITH your staff, not TO your staff in a practitioner to practitioner learning model which is bespoke to the individual needs of the purchasing school.

If a teacher wants support to learn how to engage and motivate a difficult class, our team can help with that. If a group of TAs want to learn how to manage children’s sensory processing difficulties, our team can help with that.

If a SENCo or leadership team want help to implement a new behaviour policy based on de-escalation and understanding of pupils’ needs, our team can help with that

Our outreach is completely bespoke to the needs of the purchasing school and is therefore costed individually, but it will always be cost effective and priced very competitively. We are a school too, so understand the cost pressures we all face and we share a strong ethos of shared responsibility across the area for pupils with SEND. For this reason, our outreach provision is run on a ‘not for profit’ basis so you can be assured of support within your tight budgets. In return we will give you a clearly costed plan with measurable outcomes including an impact report, advice notes and bespoke resources. Our reports are accepted by the Local Authority as expert advice alongside reports from the Educational Psychology team and Communication and Interaction Team and will support you to meet the needs of the most vulnerable pupils in your school.

All in all, we share your desire to include pupils with SEND in their local mainstream school and meet their needs in their community, so if you need any support, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Courtlands School.

What outreach support can we offer?

Initial meeting

After contacting the school to express interest (details are at the end of the booklet) an initial meeting will be arranged. During this meeting our Courtlands Outreach teacher will come to your setting to discuss what the areas of need are and talk through what exactly it is that we could offer. An estimate of costs would be drawn up at this point. Following this meeting a copy of the visit notes will be sent to the SENCO and all involved in the meeting, again listing an estimate of costs. From this you would decide if you wanted to continue with the support. Within the visits notes there will be a section that outlines exactly what support you would receive and from who.

Support Package

We strive to offer a completely bespoke package of support that would meet the needs of the school. This might include;

• Observations at Courtlands School to see current practice

• Observations of class teachers followed by discussion with class staff around needs and hopes for support

• Training with other specialist staff from Courtlands School

• Modelled strategies by Courtlands staff

• SEND clinics in school

• Staff meetings and INSET training focusing on supporting children with SEMH and MLD. This could be focused around attachment disorder, de-escalation strategies, supporting low levels in a mainstream classroom, setting up individualised timetables etc.

• Specially trained teaching assistants with a variety of skill sets

• Learning in the outdoor classroom, support around setting up their own forest school provision

• Opportunities for children to attend Courtlands School for some learning