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Team Teach

Courtlands School operate under Team Teach training which all staff are provided with.

Team Teach is an accredited, award-winning provider of positive behaviour management training, equipping individuals and teams in a variety of settings to deal with challenging situations and behaviours in ways that lead to desirable outcomes and positive relationships at work or in daily life.  This method reflects the latest research findings about the psychology of behaviour management and biomechanics.

All techniques have been medically risk assessed and enables the school to comply with legal responsibilities to safeguard people and services, whilst at the same time improving relationships and the quality of life for the young people in our care. 

The term Teach Teach describes a spectrum of relationship building, unconditional positive regard, strong value base and risk reduction strategies.  Team Teach is a holistic approach involving policy, guidance, management of the environment, and deployment of staff.  Restraint is only a small part of the framework.